4D Realms

Thursday - 27 July 2017
     I decided it was time to bring the 4D Realms website into the 21st century and lose that '90s aesthetic that I just kept holding onto. I've decided to go with a CSS-driven site with softer colors and a more modern layout. The code and assets were designed by HTML 5 UP and are used here under a CCA 3 license.
     Broken links and some other anomalies may ensue. Please make use of the Contact link to notify me of any weirdness you encounter.
     Oh, and the Unreal Depot will maintain that '90s aesthetic – at least for a while.

     Note: While uploading and testing each page I've noticed that my browser loads the cached version first. You may have to click the refresh button (or you can hit F5 in most browsers) to load the new version.
     I also left the "About" page alone. It has the original logo image I made for this site and that fits better with the old aesthetics. And the only change I made to the Unreal Depot is to remove the background image and leave it a solid black background.
     By the way, the site looks great on mobile devices now!

Saturday - 29 April 2017
     Looking back over my blog it started to seem a little "bitch-bitch-bitch". So I decided to throw out one of those "must-see" lists. I went with Car Movies for this one. Who knows, maybe I'll do more. Anyway, check out this very "American Pop-Culture" blog entry.

Wednesday - 09 November 2016
     Trump wins. I vent. Read my latest blog entry: America The World is Fucked. (If it still shows the last entry - hit the refresh button on your browser.)

Sunday - 10 July 2016
     I just made a quick change to the Unreal Depot. I changed the UT3 icon used in the map list to denote a UT3 level (which is kind of silly right now, since I've long since taken down the UT2003 and UT2004 levels and haven't started building for UT4, yet). The old icon had a black background so whenever the page background lightened you'd notice the icon's background. The new icon has a transparent background so it looks much better on the changing page background. (How many times did I just use the word "background"?)

Saturday - 13 February 2016
     I have made some more changes (as you can likely see already - if you can't, please refresh your browser). What I did is just change the color-palettes of the other pages to make each one stand out from the rest. If you notice any weird artifacts or color mixtures which are hard to read, please let me know so I can take care of it.

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